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Solutions to the midterms was uploaded onto IVLE. However, I have no advice as to how to study for this module; I think it really boils down to general knowledge but that could just be my biased opinion as you can attempt to read up the recommended books for this module but it can be really time-consuming.

The emphasis in the finals was on government intervention; taxes and subsidies. How much better will your work be if you seriously consider it and take it on board.

In fact, I only began studying for the finals and when I say studying, it really means going through the notes for the first time since I did not attend lectures or watch webcasts from Week 11 or 12 onwards so yes, I deserve it.

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I enthusiastically reviewed my articles and sent them again. Leading academic journals are distorting the academic process. I recommend studying the textbook together with the notes.

Retrieved Octoberfrom http: I promise to be back with more academic writing. Very careful with my energies and with my time, I did not apply too often in the last 2 years and tried to limit my editorial appearances to those publications - 1 or 2 - that make me feel free with my writing.

But I actually thought the topics covered were more of ODE. Do not expect too much from the Profs though.

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Midterm z-scores will be uploaded onto IVLE. The structured questions were quite easy. As for me, I was lucky enough to be left alone with my own references that did not include too much work written by my teacher.

But I don't give up too often and I took the situation for granted and continued my research. The reason was that there were many concepts I was unclear of towards the end of the semester coupled with some careless mistakes.

As simple as that. B I really screwed up the finals very badly, hence ending up with only a mediocre grade. Even so, I think this module lays a good foundation to higher-level modules in the field of international economics. Having substantiated our paper very well, my group got an A for our project.

Midterm scripts will be returned during tutorial. © University of Maryland, Baltimore County • Hilltop Circle • Baltimore, MD • Hilltop Circle • Baltimore, MD I think taking a break from my second major and focusing on EC and EC for this semester was the right decision.

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In fact, before the start of the semester, I kept pondering over whether I should clear both EC and EC together or just EC first. The article, written by Tardy (), depicts an “approach to introducing the skills of academic writing for L2 writers through the process of composing an article for the web-based encyclopedia site Wikipedia (” (p).

Producing a piece of writing for Wikipedia is a great opportunity for Language 2 (L2) students to acquire academic literacy skills. Different skills have to be developed and several steps have to be followed in order to compose and publish Wikipedia articles.

If you do not wish to consent to the terms, conditions and notice contained herein, do not log into the myFSU system. By supplying my FSUID, Password and pressing the Login button, I accept the above terms, conditions and notice. Nov 03,  · My Academic Family:) First and foremost, I should probably mention the fact that I have a supermassive academic family; I’ve got 16 siblings on my dad’s side and they’re all absolutely insane.

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The academic family tradition here in St Andrews is a really big thing.

My academic 2013
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